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Consulting Services

Sometimes what you really need when considering upgrading your home is an expert do guide you through the process. All services we provide are also available on a consultation only basis. Speak with one of our experts today to set your course to a revitalized home.

Design and Build

Design Build coming soon...


We are happy to share our knowledge with you. A consultation with Calco Consulting will put your project on a clear and concise path to victory. With our knowledge base and deep industry connections, we are consultants with the drive and ability to get your home project done.


No matter what city/county you live in, the permitting process can be a real hassle. Calco Customs can help you decipher if your project requires permits, and make sure you have all the "t's" crossed and the "i's" dotted, ensuring you are following the legal process required.

Construction Management

Have you made the decision to hire multiple contractors yourself, but now are feeling overwhelmed with managing the project? Calco Customs can sit with you and help you develop a clear management style, and take away the headache of not knowing what steps to take next.

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